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People Can’t Wait from on Vimeo.

Documentary. (6:19) Our award-winning short film on the Portland Loo. Directed by Travis Shields.

People Can’t Wait is “A charming film about an unusual subject: the need for public toilets.” – Kenneth Turan, L.A. Times film critic.

Winner of a Judge’s Award at the 36th Northwest Film and Video Festival.

“The strongest films of any length in this year’s festival both undermine the putative glamour of life on the Portland streets, a myth almost as old as the city’s filmmaking culture. Seattle director Travis Shields travels south to profile Randy Leonard’s 24-hour loos with People Can’t Wait; his comprehensive interviews (which include Victoria Taft again making an ass of herself) are distinguished by a chat with toilet cleaner Rodney Haven, who summarizes his assignment to “make sure everything’s sanitized properly, each and every day”—then glances away, lost in existential reflection.” – Willamette Week film review.